LWC User Commands

You plop down a chest, and go on with your day. But how can you ensure your belongings won’t get stolen by a random passerby? LWC handles this for you. Automatically, once you place a chest, furnace or another kind of storage-container, you will see a notification that your item has been locked. Due to numerous questions about these things, I have compiled them all here.

LWC Protections

/lwc menu
The basic version of the menu displays all basic commands like /cprivate and /cinfo. The advanced version lets you see more info and detailed commands, like flags.

/cpublic - Creates a public protection.
Alias of: /lwc -create public or /lwc -c public
Anyone can use a Public protection, but no one can protect it.

/cprivate - Create a private protection.
Alias of: /lwc -create private or /lwc -c private
Private means private: you can also allow other users or groups to access the block as well. This is done by adding them after "private". You can add more than one group and/or user per command.
When you prefix a User or Group with an '@', this User/Group will be able to modify the block and add other users. They cannot disable the owner from modifying it.
/lwc -c private Username g:Groupname @username2
/cprivate Username g:Groupname @Usernam2

/cmodify - Modify an existing protection, adding or removing users and/or groups.
Alias of /lwc -modify or /lwc -m
See /lwc create, the example for private protections. The same syntax is used for this command.
There's an additional prefix however. Writing a '-' infront of a User or Group removes the access from the block.
/lwc -m -g:Members -> This removes access to the chest for all Members.
/cmodify -User1 @someguy -> this removes access to the block for User1 and
gives SomeGuy admin privileges.
/cmodify town:SomeTown -> this grants access to the block for all members of SomeTown. (note: Tested with Towny)

/cpassword [password] - Password-protect a block.
Alias of: /lwc -create password or /lwc -c password
Locks a container with your designated password. Each time you login you need to enter the password with /cunlock to access it. (if someone else knows the password, they can access it too.)

/cunlock [password] - Unlock a password-protected block.
Alias of: /lwc -unlock or /lwc -u

/cinfo - Punch a protection to view information on it.
Alias of /lwc -info or /lwc -i

Alias of /lwc -remove or /lwc -r

/climits - Show’s your amount of protections, and the total amount you can have. Currently you can have as many as you wish.
Alias of /lwc -info limits or /lwc -i limits

LWC Modes

Persistent mode will let you perform your last command on multiple blocks, untill you turn it off.
/lwc mode persist on - turns on persist mode.
/lwc mode persist off - turns off persist mode.

Droptransfer mode makes dropped items automatically go to a designated chest.
/lwc mode droptransfer select - Select the chest drops go to.
/lwc mode droptransfer on - Enable the droptransfer.
/lwc mode droptransfer off - Disable the droptransfer.
/lwc mode droptransfer status - Display the status of the droptransfer.

/lwc flag
Usable flags:
Redstone: If "on", redstone can open doors.
Alias : /credstone on or /credstone off
Example : /lwc flag Redstone on