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By Aaron Smod - Posted May 6, 17

Our name is serving us well, MissingCraft is missing a lot of people, like Jat, PhoenixTamerWTF and Fan just to name of few. And because of this I feel like it's time to reconnect.

I've personally gone through some of our old players. Players who have been away for a few months, to people who have been away since the old map, and dropped them all a message asking how they are, and to maybe pop on the server to say hi. But I want to encourage everyone new and old to start connecting. I want to reach out to our old players and show them MissingCraft hasn't forgotten about them and to get new and old players alike to start a conversion of connecting so we all can build a stronger community.

I also want to encourage anyone who see's this to hop for a bit and play, meet some of the new members if they're older players, and to over all show how awesome we are as a server and as a community. If we can do this and stick in people's heads, then I feel like new and returning players will want to stick around, and we can build an even better community. 

I know Minecraft can get boring, I get bored of it all the time.  But I still want to see Missingcraft when ever I get un-bored of it, and I think the best way to do that is to have a community that kicks butt.