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Changes to TeamSpeak

By Odd Odd - Posted May 30, 17

Hello! Our server has, for a very long time, had a TeamSpeak! However, it was not very good looking and, in all honesty, a bit confusing.

If you don't have TeamSpeak you can download it HERE.

I recently went over the TeamSpeak and did major changes to it, the most noticeable being the look, but also icons to ranks and rooms. As always there is still a "moderated" and an "unmoderated" room as well as three friends room.

We also have many completely new additions. One of the most important being the addition of ranks. You can easily get a "Voice" rank letting you send messages and create your own temporary rooms by synchronizing your website account to TS, click HERE for a guide to do that.

We now also have music bot. Some people have accounts to use it due to high amounts of activity and high usage of the bot itself. To use the bot there are some commands and you will need the "Voice" rank.

Notable commands:

!yt [youtube link]

!Volume up

!Volume down

Don't forget you can easily join the TeamSpeak by clicking on the orange "MissingCraft" on the left sidebar beneath your account.