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MissingCraft for 1.12

By Odd Odd - Posted Jun 8, 17

Our server has grown massively in these past few months.

We have gone from one server to four different servers offering three quite different experiences.

This is thanks to you people.

Along with this many of us are in their busiest time of their year. Exams, tests, and the end of school.

I know that due to this many cannot be on, but we will still always be here
as long as you, our players want us here.

Another part of this busy time is how many of us take a couple minutes to relax,
by joining our lovely server and hang around to play or chat.

With this, there are some issues.

Mojang recently released 1.12 to the public, and as a server relying on many different plugins and features, there are things we need to wait to update. Though not much, potentially devastating if left unattended.

As such I will not be updating the server before earliest next week at
Wednesday the 14th of June.

This means that to play with us your client will have to be 1.11.

If you don't know how to do set your client to 1.11 you can click HERE.