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Survival, webstore updates and sales!

By Odd Odd - Posted Jul 18, 17

If you haven't noticed, there's a summersale going on, letting you get gems for 15% off, all through the summer!

Not sure what you should use your gems on while survival is down? Worry not, creative ranks have gone up and are now purchasable at the Creative Store!

Or do you want to get in on some special and amazing deals? Become a MissingCraft Dedicated!
For just $5 per month you get a constant sale in the gemstore, tons of gems sent your way each month and an awesome tag on our forums to show off your dedication to us!

There's also been a lot of questions about survival and what's going on about it. As previously mentioned it did a huge goof on 1.12 and I need to fix the entire permission system. As a result of it, I've decided to redo the whole survival experience. This'll hopefully turn survival into an even more amazing thing than it used to be with more amazing features and a deeper feeling. So keeps your heads counted for that!

And hey, the server now has, officially unofficially as TeamSpeak is still our main base off the server, a Discord!
Join it by clicking here!