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survival in devtest

By Odd Odd - Posted Aug 30, 17

Survival is now open for play. However, you need to be aware that it is in DEVTEST.

The way to access is through the portal at the hub. To get out use regular "/server [server]" commands. There is no spawn, no nothing. Per opening, there is a custom world, which is also in BETA and we are aware of issues, I'm not responsible for them but I can forward special case weirdness.

There is also a sign in front of the portal. Stuff is and will be buggy, there might be random down times, reboots or many different things. You can see a plugin one day and then never see it again. You can become a millionaire using glitches and imbalances we have made, and the next day have nothing. You can get to the highest rank, and you can find yourself at the bottom after.

Nothing is set in stone. Wipes will happen, be it world, rank, money, and anything above, below or in between.

If you're not okay with that, then please do not play. If you are okay with this, then please do play. Please do help us find issues we've created. And please help us make this an awesome experience for the future.