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So, what's going on?

By Odd Odd - Posted Mar 19, 19

There are questions regarding our downtime, the server being outdated and general lack of updates. To answer your questions, no, the server is far from dead and no, I have not, will not and hopefully never will wind up closing it.

Instead what is happening is that I have taken some time off from directly interacting with the server for some time as I have now nearly been at it every day for over half a decade. At the same time I was looking into taking my break Mojang decided to release 1.13 which brought along major overhauls to the core components and code of Minecraft and thusly led forth various bugs and other instability that I deemed was not needed and instead the choice was to skip this version completely in favor of a hopefully more stable 1.14.

Now. 1.14, Village and Pillage. That's a tough one.
1.13 brought along massive changes to the sea, changes our world isn't compatible with. 1.14 brought along massive changes to the villages. To structure generation and more. When looking back at our vision for our current world, a world of quests and cities I will be honest and say we never really hit the peak as I envisioned. It was a direction that our server wasn't on a path to take and as such was, well, ill-suited to do so. Keeping this in mind, how our current world was unsuitable to properly build upon, and how the default worlds of Minecraft have changed I only feel it right that we once again return with a fresh new world to 1.14, because we will be there for 1.14. Changes will have to be made, changes will always have to be made. But hopefully, this will set our sails once again back in the direction that we were once headed.

And of course, if you have any ideas, suggestions, fond memories of features or even just features you truly despised then do give us your ideas and sparks of mind on our Discord as we would love to make ourselves a stronger foundation to build upon for the future.